Anonymous: Do you feel sex should always be serious? How would you feel if your partner made a joke during sex?

Whatever makes it fun. But remember to enjoy

Anonymous: Shaved or hairy? in a guy's opinion what is the best way to shave?


Anonymous: tengo muchas ganas de hacerlo, pero tengo miedo de perder mi virginidad, publica mas cosas

Hazlo si te sientes ready. Pero advertencia, JUKEA BIEN CABRON lol

Anonymous: Are you a guy or a girl?


Anonymous: Oh my goodness. I scrolled through your blog and then had to stop, take my clothes off and rub my clit until it got wetter and wetter until I just uuunnnffff started seeing stars. I'm a girl, 18, virgin and I think we should have sex.

let us see how u do it! :P ….and yesss i would love to fuck your brains out.

Anonymous: okay so I am planning to have sex soon but i am still a virgin for now and i masturbate regularily. how many fingers do you think I should be able to get in so it wont hurt as much when its an actual dick inside me?

im sure 2-3 is fine ;)

Anonymous: I'm a girl and i love your blog, i masturbate over it all the time.

need help? :)

Anonymous: I'm so damn horny. How would you fuck me??

Anonymous: publish some gay videos

Anonymous: oh god i need sex

If you are a girl over 18… im available =)